Destiny 2 Update 2.2.1

9 Kwi 2019 - Destiny Dev Team

Updated 4/19/19 with missing notes



Striker—Code of the Juggernaut
  • Frontal Assault:
      • Buff duration increased from 10 to 16 seconds 
      • Buff timer is now displayed on the HUD 
      • Buff now increases weapon damage
          • 25% in PvE
          • 20% in PvP
  • Knockout:
      • Buff duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds
      • Buff is no longer disabled after a melee attack
      • In addition to breaking a shield, buff now triggers once you deal 60% damage to a target
          • Any damage dealt after 60% refreshes the timer
      • Increased bonus melee damage from 25% to 60%
  • Reversal:
    • Removed the small health bump on melee kill; from 20 health to 0.
    • This ability immediately starts health and shield regeneration.

General bug fix
  • Fixed an issue where Titans using Code of the Missile could perform the wrong melee


Arcstrider—Way of the Warrior
  • Combination Blow:
      • Bonus melee damage can now be stacked 3 times
          • Buff increases melee damage by 60% per stack in PvE 
          • Buff increases melee damage by 22.7% per stack in PvP
          • This ability was previously 1 stack and increased melee damage by 50%
      • Kills with this ability now heal 40 health in addition to starting health regen 
  • Deadly Reach:
      • Increased buff duration from 6 to 8 seconds 
      • Buff is no longer consumed by a melee hit
Arcstrider—Way of the Wind
  • Disorienting Blow:
      • Increased the melee disorient distance from 4 meters to 6 meters
      • Increased duration of disorient on players from 1.5 to 2 seconds
  • Focused Breathing:
      • Increased dodge recharge bonus while sprinting from 50% to 100%
  • Combat Meditation:
      • Increased bonus grenade and melee regeneration while bloodied by 25%
  • Lightning Reflexes:
      • Increased damage resistance while dodging from 25% to 40% in PvP
      • Increased damage resistance while dodging from 63% to 70% In PvE


General Arc Changes
  • Stormcaller Super
      • Damage scales up to 150% over 5 seconds of continuous use of the attack
      • Updated FX and audio to support this functionality
Stormcaller—Attunement of Conduction
  • Chain Lightning Melee
      • Can now chain up to 5 times, up from 1, and each individual target can be hit twice
      • Chain damage decreased from 50 to 31 damage per hit
  • Arc Web
      • Increase chain range from 10 meters to 12 meters
      • Can now chain to many more targets, and back and forth between targets
      • Chaining Arc damage now reduces the cooldown of your grenade
          • Works with Arc Web chains and chains from Chain Lightning melee
          • Earn 3% energy per instance of damage in PvE
          • Earn 10% energy per instance of damage in PvP
Stormcaller—Attunement of the Elements
  • Electrostatic Surge:
      • Increased bonus regeneration rate of Rift by 600% per nearby friendly Guardian
      • Added a UI notification when the buff is active
      • Now extends Rift duration from 15 to 20 seconds
  • Arc Soul:
      • Extended duration from 8 to 12 seconds.
Voidwalker Nova Warp
  • Reduced initial charged detonation energy cost by 20%
  • Reduced energy cost of holding the charged detonation by 7%
  • Reduced time required to fully charge the charged detonation from 0.9 seconds to 0.7 seconds
  • Reduced Dark Blink cost by 20%
  • Increased base Super duration from 18 seconds to 22 seconds
Dawnblade Everlasting Fire
  • Tuned the amount of Super gained from Everlasting Fire
      • Initial return increased from 10% to 13%
      • Return then decays linearly over the course of 30 kills from 13% to 0.75% returned per kill
Abilities Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Warlock ability “Bloom” was not dealing any damage
  • Improved consistency of Handheld Supernova
  • Fixed a bug in which canceling Blade Barrage allows players to traverse across the map


Weapon Changes
  • The Last Word
      • Added a timer to the Fan Fire perk
  • The Wardcliff Coil
      • Reduced PvE damage by 25% against bosses and vehicles

General Weapon Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a material on Coldheart that was no longer shiny
  • Fixed an issue where ready audio on Veist Submachine Guns was not playing on PS4
  • Updated the Meganeura perk's description to be more accurate
  • Fixed an issue where Grenade Launcher initial ammo had been unintentionally reduced
  • Fixed an issue bug where the Powerful Statement ornament was visible in Loaded Question's ornament socket before it had been obtained
  • Fixed an issue where Thorn dismantled faster than other Exotic weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the ATB Long Range scope was erroneously highlighting enemies when equipped on the Long Shadow Sniper Rifle
  • The Recluse now appears in Collections only when it has been obtained to match the behavior of other pinnacle PvP weapons
  • Fixed an issue that caused poor scope behavior on the Prospector's ornament "Caution: Heavy Machinery"
  • Fixed an issue where Wish-Ender did not highlight targets while user was invisible
  • Fixed an issue where Jötunn was recorded as a Scout Rifle
  • Fixed an issue where the Vow could not be infused above 650
  • Fixed an issue where the accuracy ring was not visible on the reticle of Linear Fusion Rifles when using a controller on PC


Armor Bug fixes
  • Using Getaway Artist with Storm Grenades now correctly spawns a super-charged Arc soul
  • Crown of Tempests once again works with Ball Lightning
  • Stronghold will no longer drain heavy ammo while guarding with Black Talon



  • Increased drop rate of items in the Last Wish Raid
      • One Thousand Voices: 5% → 10%
      • Glittering Key: 5% → 20%
          • Used to acquire Last Wish ship "Ermine TAC-717"
      • Wish-Maker Shell (Last Wish Ghost Shell): 2% → 20%
      • Cleansing Knife (Last Wish Sparrow): 5% → 20%
  • Increased drop rate of items in the Dreaming City
      • Pallas Galliot (Dreaming City Ship): 2% → 20%
      • Starlight Shell (Dreaming City Ghost Shell): 2% → 20%
      • Silver Tercel (Dreaming City Sparrow): 5% → 20%
  • Increased drop rate of Lore Books
      • Cayde's Stash Lore
          • Cayde treasure map chests: 40% → 100%
          • Planetary chests: 4% → 50%
      • Dreaming City Lore
          • Public event completed: 2.5% → 50%
          • Ascendant challenge completed: 2.5% → 100%
          • Blind Well completed (Tier 1–3): 5% → 50%
          • Lost Sector completed: 1.25% → 100%
          • The Marasenna lore book was missing two entries: Revanche I and Palingenesis III; these entries now unlock after you unlock all other entries. 
      • Tangled Shore Lore
          • While Tangled Shore is the Flashpoint
          • Public event completed: 6.5% → 50%
          • Heroic adventure completed: 16% → 50%
          • Lost Sector completed: 3% → 50%
  • Gunsmith reputation packages now only reward Gunsmith Weapons
  • Four new Exotic weapon catalysts are now available to drop in Nightfall, strikes, and the Crucible
      • Prospector (Nightfall, strikes)
      • Rat King (Nightfall, strikes)
      • Hard Light (Nightfall, strikes)
      • SUROS Regime (Crucible)
  • Xûr's inventory now offers random rolled perks for armor
  • Fated Engrams from Xûr now have the chance to reward Forsaken Exotics
  • Added ability to preview Ghost projections when inspecting Ghosts


  • Power Surge Bounties that have expired or been deleted are now available on the Drifter, though each bounty can still be completed only once per character
  • Power Surge Bounties now specify "Requires Annual Pass and Level 50" if either requirement is not met
  • Reaping in the Wilds Gambit Prime bounty now progresses from all high-value targets in free roam
  • Players who sided with the Vanguard on the Allegiance quest can now also bank Motes in normal Gambit to progress on the Prime Research quest step
  • Quest progress for the Survival Guide or Hidden Messages quest steps will now re-initialize properly; if you are stuck on these quest steps, you should abandon them and pick them up again from the Drifter to update the "tapes discovered" count
  • The weekly lockout reset for Invitations of the Nine has been moved to Thursday Reset (1700 UTC); players will now have two extra days to complete them before being locked out of a new Invitation the following Friday
  • Lost Sector Gambit Prime bounty now progresses from all Lost Sectors
  • All four weekly role bounties for Gambit Prime now grant powerful head rewards
  • Yes Sir, I'm A Closer weekly Gambit Prime bounty now awards 4 points for a win and 2 points for a loss, with a completion value of 20 points


  • Ada-1 will now offer all seven weapon frames each week
  • Players can still complete only two powerful frames each week, at which point remaining frames are removed until weekly reset
  • Fixed an issue where players could acquire pinnacle weapons once per character; pinnacle weapons are meant to be acquired only once per account
  • Drifter's weekly role bounties will now properly count Motes wagered in the Reckoning when the Mote is a lower tier than the activity itself
  • Gambit Prime now counts to unlock the weekly Gambit clan engram
  • When recycling Synths at the Drifter, the error "Your Glimmer is full" will now be properly displayed on all four Synths
  • Fixed an issue with the Sentry emblem where killing Giant Blockers wasn't incrementing the "Blockers killed" stat
  • Fixed an issue where the Gambit Prime weekly challenge didn't display completion in the UI


  • Fixed an issue where Triumphs from previous seasons were counting Glory Win Streaks in the current season
  • Fixed an issue where the Triumph "The Best Offense" was not giving credit for all orbs generated
  • The Haul Triumphs "Greater Powers" and "IX" can now be completed and will initialize for players who have already completed them as soon as they enter Orbit


  • Arsenic Bite now drops with random rolls; removed Vestian Dynasty from the general loot pool
  • Fixed an issue where the BrayTech RWP Mk. II could not be infused above 600
  • Increased drop rate of Polestar II Ghost Shell from 1% to 4%
  • Fixed an issue where Obsidian Crystal would sometimes not drop from the Unidentified Frame quest step



  • Reckoning Tier 2 and Tier 3 boss kills now always have a chance to award a Gambit Prime weapon
  • Chances for weapon rewards increase each time a boss is killed without a weapon drop
  • Players near the bank should no longer be able to see waypoints until they jump through the portal
      • When players jump through the portal, they should be placed in one of three active locations:
          • Anytime before players begin capturing the bridge: over the horde mode area
          • Anytime after players begin capturing the bridge, before they fully capture the bridge: at the beginning of the bridge
          • After players fully capture the bridge and begin the boss fight: at the end of the bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the Tier 1 Deceived Nokris was not summoning its Taken Warbeasts

Gambit Prime

  • Some Reckoning weapons now have a chance to drop as match completion rewards from Gambit Prime
  • Chances increase after each Gambit Prime match without a weapon drop
  • An invasion kill now heals 8% of the Primeval's health, down from 12%
  • The invasion portal cooldown time during the Primeval phase has been increased to 40 seconds, up from 30 seconds
  • This cooldown triggers after a player has been killed or successfully returns from an invasion
  • Fixed an issue where all Gambit medals that shipped in Forsaken were not displaying in the HUD when players earned them in Prime
  • Fixed an issue where the Primeval Hobgoblin was not functioning properly in Gambit Prime
  • Boss reintroduced to Gambit Prime
  • Fixed an issue where killing players in subsequent Wells of Light would unintentionally count towards earning the "Well Well Well" medal
  • Fixed on issue on Deep Six and New Arcadia where the Ascendant Primeval Servitor wasn't summoning Immunity Blights
  • The Burrow front on Deep Six had some minor adjustments to reduce combatant/environment collisions


  • High-value targets now have a chance to spawn during the first round of a Gambit match; the chance for the HVT to spawn in the second round has been increased
  • Private Matches: Sudden Death can now be enabled or disabled via the Rounds to Win options
  • Fixed an issue where the "Open 24/7" medal could be acquired during a Sudden Death round of Gambit
  • Fixed an issue where the "Rainmaker" medal could be acquired during a Sudden Death round of Gambit
  • Gambit intro cinematics now run at unlocked framerates on PC
  • Fixed an issue where Scorn Captain's immunity totems were not properly shielding combatants
  • Fixed an issue where Drifter was announcing "Portal's Up" after the round had ended
  • Reduced the number of required Blockers to send for the Taken Herder, Shepard, and Whisperer Triumphs
  • Reduced the number of required number of Motes to bank in order to achieve the Protect the Runner Triumphs
  • Fixed an issue where players who are restricted from the Crucible/Gambit due to poor network quality were unable to launch Gambit Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue where Infamy ranks could be repeatedly reset without needing to progress through the ranks between each reset


  • Fixed an issue where the gravlift would sometimes be missing in the Warden of Nothing strike
  • Nightfall tickets now have min/max and +-25 for incrementing power reduction; this will allow players to get to the +100 power reduction easier to increase the score multiplier


  • Fixed an issue where players who are disconnected from Destiny servers could not rejoin games in the Competitive Crucible playlist.
Iron Banner
  • The curated roll "Wizened Rebuke" Fusion Rifle awarded from completing the "Atlas, Unbound" Triumph will now appear in Lord Saladin's inventory so that players can inspect it prior to acquisition
      • Once earned, the weapon may be viewed in Collections
  • The curated roll "Wizened Rebuke" Fusion Rifle can now be reacquired from Collections for the same cost as other Masterworked, curated roll weapons
  • The Heavy as Iron emblem may be earned when securing 2500 kills under the effects of the Iron Burden
  • Removed ship "Volk-CER" from Collections due to an issue impacting the ship
      • Expect this to return in a future Season


  • Fixed an issue where the architects would sometimes kill Guardians for absolutely no reason in a very specific area of the Dreaming City 



  • Fixed an issue where the Taken Hydra rotating shield would flicker when shielded by Taken Goblins
  • Fixed an issue where the Ultra Taken Hobgoblin was using the Swarm attack more frequently than intended



  • Player will now always see equipped titles when inspecting another player
  • The weapon ornament "Powerful Statement" is no longer visible in the socket preview for Loaded Question before being obtained
  • Postmaster "open bundle confirmation" dialogue now shows appropriate strings when it pops up; would previously cause occasional crashes
  • Material cost no longer appears red on vendor tooltips if the item is not purchasable, but you have enough material
  • Fixed the description on some bounties to correctly read " ability kills" instead of " kills"
  • Added ability to inspect gear for other classes



  • Fixed an issue where performance on PC would slowly degrade over time

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