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Sunsetting sucks. Can we, like, not?

title edit: i really did just throw this post out and let it rot, didn't i? a lot of different views coming in, none of which change the fact that my ol' destiny crew have completely jumped ship because of a mix of sunsetting and light-grind fatigue. so, yh sunsetting can rot in hell (i'll admit i'm scapegoating a little but if you think it's a good thing, i disagree with you and after reading all of your defenses for it, you still haven't changed my mind) and while i get why light levels are a thing, i would prefer if that grind was relaxed to taken king/rise of iron levels too; would prefer one big jump in max light at the beginning of the year than little jumps that are more busywork to keep track of. personal opinions aside, light level grind is the least pressing of the two issues i have, hence why the post is "sunsetting sucks" and not something with more depth. back to sunsetting: i got too many fun legendaries in the vault that i would like to use but shouldn't because of their arbitrary expiration date. it wouldn't even be that much of a problem to me if they would let us infuse the reskinned higher-light drops into our old rolls of the same gun while updating the sunsetting date but nah, gotta push up the grind numbers and force that rng. all this, added with the unfocused, shared loot pool that every tower vendor now has meaning your methods to grind for any particular gun are curbstomped at the gate. the devaluing of weapon looks and lore doesn't much help either. don't like the aesthetic of pyramid guns? tough shit. don't like using FWC-themed weapons? tough shit. they say it's tough to be a weapon designer who's new work isn't appreciated because old guns exist, but if i were the weapon designer of that old design i'd be satisfied and proud that it resonated with enough players to be held onto for so long. besides, i hear "sunsetting was introduced to dissuade players from all using the same weapons" but all it does is give players more reasons to use the same weapons. take guns like bygones that were easy to get, looked cool on-screen and were potent for their season. now take gnawing hunger: easy to get, looks cool on-screen, potent *and* not being sunset for a year? sounds like meta to me. weapon variety has been compressed because everyone has the same small list of guns that won't be sunset and are useful in all activities where if we didn't have sunsetting, weapons from many seasons past would be popping up more often. in conclusion: i hate what sunsetting has done so far, i'm not looking forward to its application and i would like it to just not happen.

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