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publié à l'origine sous : Sunsetting sucks. Can we, like, not?
9/18/2020 8:27:26 PM
I’ve been saying it ad nauseam - it’s the wrong fix to the wrong problem. In terms of gear, this isn’t building my legend; it’s renting the flavor of the season. Like hell im going to regrind what I’ve already spent hundreds of hours endlessly acquiring, testing, and master working. It doesn’t respect my time. In terms of locations, I don’t buy the reasoning about saving space or improving builds. It’s either poor planning from the start, or the DCV was the plan all along. Neither is okay by me. And the fact we’re getting D1 content? No dice... already spent thousands of hours playing that, not interested in revisiting. DCV is a con, and it already started with Shadowkeep, which inclines me to believe this was the plan all along. They put a fresh smear of lipstick on the Moon and it didn’t last me very long. Coincidence it’s around the time I started losing interest?

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