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4/27/2022 11:34:32 PM

Gambit AKA heavy spam simulator is comically unfun.

Here is the feedback: - Since WQ EVERYONE has heavy all the time. - the best heavy is ghorn so literally everyone uses it - invasions ruin the mode - either all 4 players rush to spam rockets at the invader or the invader will get lucky and spam their heavy. Basically no special or primary play because you’re punished for not spamming your infinite rockets. - primeval health gating is boring and combined with the CONSTANT invasions while primeval is up, the fight is just a back and forth for like 5 minutes. - no new maps, competitive mode or quick balance to the mode clearly shows that the devs lost the drive to fix gambit yet seem content to push it with uninteresting Labs modes that don’t offer anything different or enticing. - freelance gambit has made normal gambit take as long as comp to match in which ruins any moments you want to play with a friend. - freelance has hilarious team balancing that gaslights you into thinking you’re playing against a stack of 4 on your own. I think most people would rather see a new mode or something fresh and innovative or put more people on improving crucible because all the problems with gambit right now stem from its core and cannot fundamentally be fixed without completely stripping the mode to its bones and rebuilding from scratch. Specifically: Invasions, the primeval, engagements, broken weapons, heavy ammo and variety.

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