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4/14/2024 10:01:40 PM

Cabbage error when i try to go on any instance

Hey there, I keep receiving cabbage errors when i try to go on any type of content on D2 ( i play on my PC ) I have to tell that UPnP is active on my router ( a sagem one btw ), and other app can use it ( i have for example my game pass which has done some temporarily rules for some port, which aren't D2 ones sadly ). My computer is wired to my router. I have tried to stop all firewall services : NOK Btw with the same router and same type of connexion i never had any problem : i stopped to play one year ago but tried to come back and i have this error If possible i would prefer to NOT cut off UPnP since it's used for some other games Do you have any idea which could be help me to solve this please?
#Help #Errorcodes

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