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Been getting LOTS of error codes

So recently I’ve been getting a lot of connections issues. Errors like “weasel”, “centipede”, “baboon” and even “rabit” have been constant for the past 3 days. It is not something wrong with my internet, as I’ve had no issues in no other games and streaming services. I play both on ps5 and rarely on pc, and on both platforms I have been affected by the errors formerly cited. A friend of mine is having the same issues so, what’s going on? edit1: still having the same issues, and just got a 30min penalty for dc’ing in trials. Probably won’t play for the rest of the weekend. edit2: got my flawless no big deal, but I’m suspended for the 3rd time today and I keep getting error codes, “weasel” “baboon” and “bat” being the most common. edit3: morning y’all, gonna try to keep this updated. as of feb 24th I’m still having the same issues on ps5 and on pc (ONLY ON DESTINY), other games and streaming services have absolutely no issues with my internet. edit4: Hi everyone, it’s feb 27th and I’m still having the same issues (I played Warframe all weekend without a single dc, watched movies and streamed on Discord all at the same time). Would be nice to get this sorted asap. edit5: feb 29, managed to kill Neza on master and was finally gonna buy some Rufus after 2 months of spoil farming and got disconected again. Now I’m on Warframe again.
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