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2/16/2024 8:35:30 PM

Multiple error codes

I haven't been playing very often, but whenever I do I start to get error codes after just a few minutes. Once I couldn't even defeat a dungeon boss because twice when it was about to die I would get disconnected. This is how it happens: Im playing normaly, then that message "contacting servers" start to pop on my screen, but the game isn't even lagging. After a few seconds the screen goes black and I receive Baboon error, after a few more seconds of black screen it gives me error Weasel and send me back to title screen. When I try to log in I receive error Centipede before the character selection screen, when I get this error I cant play anymore for some minutes because it keeps giving me this error before the character screen. Once when this happened I changed to wired connection and it still didn't let me choose character. I don't have any kind of problem when playing other games.
#Help #Networking

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