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publicado originalmente en: Day 5 error code bee
9/21/2023 11:16:59 PM

Bungie fan - 15 years on this website 2/19/2024 8:24:38 PM

Destiny is being subject to DDoS attacks lately. None of this is Bungie’s fault. Any online service can be victim of a DDoS attack. See the information below [quote]Over the past couple of days, we've seen a spike in error codes and disconnects. The team has confirmed that these error codes are not related to the planned fixes rolling out for the recent crafting issue and are instead a result of DDoS attacks. While we typically don't confirm these types of attacks and do not plan to in the future for general game security reasons, we believe it's the right thing to do for our players to communicate the added pressure to our systems given recent circumstances. We want to thank our players for their patience as our teams work swiftly to ensure the integrity of the game and continue to implement our roadmap for future stability improvements. [/quote]

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