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Instructions for claiming a refund [AMD Phenom Users]

This is a short instructional guide for getting your money back if you are unsatisfied with Bungie's response to the SSSE 4.1 issue plaguing AMD Phenom processor users. 1. [b]Click the "BLIZZARD" logo in the upper left hand corner of the Blizzard app.[/b] This will open a drop down menu. 2. [b]Select the "Support" item from the menu[/b] This will open a web page where you can either log in to the Blizzard support page, or if you are already logged in, you can move to the next step. 3. [b]Select "Destiny 2" from the support menu.[/b] This will open up the Destiny 2 Support page. 4. [b]Select "Payments" from the menu near the top of the page.[/b] This will open a drop down with the option "contact support" 5. [b]Click "Contact support"[/b] You will see a link to request a refund here. 6. [b]Click on "Request a Refund"[/b] This will open another menu. Here is where we click on: 7. [b]Click on "Select a contact channel"[/b] There is a list. You will want to select this option: 8. [b]Select "Live chat"[/b] Regardless of listed ETA this is always the fastest method to a refund from Blizzard. 9. [b]Tell the chat representative that the game doesn't work with your computer, even though you meet the recommended specs.[/b] Don't lie. Don't over explain either. Simply tell them that the game doesn't work with your computer. If they ask for proof, link them to the threads in this forum regarding the issue. 10. [b]If you are denied, ask them for a reason.[/b] While they do not officially have to give you one, if you can screen cap the reason why, you can post it to their twitter and create bad press. This will likely force their hand with an update at some point. Stay safe out there guardians, and remember, [i]never pre-order games regardless of how good they look during beta.[/i] Edit: I have been told that this method will not work for those that purchased a boxed copy, or those that have purchased the game through a key reseller. If that applies to you, please contact your retailer regarding a refund. Edit2: There is apparently a fix in the works:
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