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10/26/2017 2:16:15 AM
the hell? this is NMS/Sean-Murray level BS. I even played the PC beta, just because I could and I wanted to see if I could do it using win7x64 and my phenomII 4x3.2ghz black edition and my R7 370 card. and it ran just fine, obvs at lower (but not minimal) settings. which means bungo(blizzard?) had not yet introduced use of the incompatible cpu instructions on the earlier build used for the beta. seriously, if you're going to basically mass-test your beta build on as wide a range of platforms as possible, the smart money is [b]NOT[/b] on immediately altering/reducing what those platforms are. there is a ton of things they could have done / could still do, the obvious being: - made the code, gee, I dnno, identify the cpu except not to crash the game but rather to, gee, I dnno, switch to legacy/compatible cpu instructions? (or in the case of NMS, just dump the new code entirely and only re-ship compatible code to everyone) or - and, this wouldn't work given blizzards rabid anti-"cheat" behavior - but in the case of NMS the devs took quite some time to un-break the broken stuff (there was some GPU code issues in addition to the CPU extension issues) - and guess what? before the devs even had something working for themselves to test, [b]the intarwebs provided[/b] someone coded fixes for both things and shipped the tiny patches off to the rest of us in the world. (even more hilarious, NMS [b]only[/b] used the stupid SSSE instructions in the initial spaceflight-sim before the main menu, and possibly [b]*in*[/b] the main menu - but pretty sure it was not used anywhere else in the actual game? I cannot even begin how to.) so, again, TF?!

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