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Изменено (DuBChiri2): 7/14/2019 4:15:04 PM

Buff the under used exotic weapons.

A lot of Destiny 2's exotic weapons have potential for fun as well as good utility, but a lot of them feel like they are either out dated or simply aren't good enough to take up the slot. Although using an exotic shouldn't guarantee it obliterating everything, I feel like a lot of the exotics we have dont perform as good as they could be while those that ARE good pretty much annihilate everything. So I'm going to make a list of exotics that I think aren't up to par and what they could possibly do to make them more reliable. This is going to be centered around pve, but I'll make sure nothing bad would happen for PvP. Sunshot: Increase magazine to 12. Targets damaged by sunshots aoe explosion are debuffed and take 25% bonus damage from all sources for 5 seconds. Possible substitute: 10 rounds to the magazine. Sunshot now has a chance to make enemies detonate twice. The second explosion is larger and does 50% bonus damage. Chance of second explosion 35%. Sweet business: Getting kills with this weapon restores 15% of the magazine from reserves. The longer this gun is fired, the more damage it deals (up to 35% bonus damage in pve over 10 seconds, 15% in pvp over 6 seconds). Increase magazine by 1. Increase accuracy over time while firing from the hip. Hardlight: Weapon automatically adjusts to match the enemies shield type on hit. Hold the reload button after a kill to increase hardlights damage and to give it's ricochet rounds tracking for 5 seconds (25% damage buff in pve, 15% in pvp, does not reapply with kills until the buff is over). Cerberus +1: Killing enemies with this weapon tightens the spread and increases the accuracy of this weapon, allowing it to shoot at longer ranges. Suros regime: Increase damage granted near the end of the magazine up to 25% in pve (no change in pvp). Grant 20 points to range with dual speed receiver equipped. Increase reload speed by 20 points with spinning up active. Crimson: Getting a kill with this weapon extends it's range by 20 points and reduces flinch taken for 3 seconds. Possible substitute: Rapidly landing headshots increases the stability and accuracy of this weapon while precision kills grant a stack. Once you get 3 stacks, automatically start health regeneration when critical. Prometheus lens: Kills with this weapon grants up to 20 free ammo, extra ammo needed is taken from reserves. (In PvP make it 5 rounds). Damage of prismatic inferno increases over time (up to 25%). Trinity ghoul: The middle arrow always has chain lightning active (meaning it can make 1 jump to another target). Getting a kill grants all 3 arrows chain lightning damage. Getting a precision kill increases the damage of the chain lightning by 25%. Possible substitue: Getting any kill activates lightning arrows. Increase the damage of the lightning by 25% in pve, increase chain lightning range by 1 meter. Wish-ender: After penetrating it's first target with an arrow, every enemy hit afterwards takes a bonus 50% damage. (To simplify this, 1st target takes normal damage, every consecutive target hit by the same arrow take bonus damage). Increase duration this bow has a perfect shot for by 1 second (think of how oathkeepers allows you to knock the bow forever, but this is only for an extra second). Whisper of the worm: The final 3 rounds of this weapons reserves can be restored with consecutive headshots. Possible substitute: Getting 3 rapid headshots with this weapon grants 1 round to the reserves. This would get it a bit more damage while not granting it infinite ammo. Worldline zero: Sprinting with this weapon increases damage of next attack by 50%. Targets killed by this weapon while charged unleash an aoe disorient. Borealis: Rounds will match the targets shield while aiming at them for 1 second or will change when after the first round connects. Holding the reload button after breaking an enemies shield will convert 1 round to be strong against all shield types.

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