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впервые опубликовано в: Buff the under used exotic weapons.
7/15/2019 3:04:27 PM
sky burner's oath - increased rate of fire, dragon fly vigilance wing - if anyone on your team dies your health begins to regen, if you die your whole teams health begins to regen. merciless - first slow charge hit debuffs enemy and every other shot gets increased damage as long as trigger is held cold heart - precision hits greatly slow pve enemies and regen ammo to the mag. while enemies are slowed by the effect solar weapons deal extensive damage. borealis - add box breathing, aiming at an enemy matches their shield type after a short time. breaking a shield returns ammo to the mag. killing ads with a shield explosion grants bonus damage for 5 sec. DARCI - aiming at an enemy for a short time reveals a highlighted weak point that will do 2x damage when hit, the weak point goes away after hit and a new spot comes up shortly after Queen breaker - move it to energy slot Huckleberry - increase magazine to 38, give it feeding frenzy two tailed fox - give solar rocket cluster bombs and give void tracking

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