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впервые опубликовано в: Buff the under used exotic weapons.
Изменено (Taril): 7/14/2019 9:34:49 AM
My little nublet thoughts: [b]Sunshot:[/b] Okay... But why would I ever use this over Ace which still gets explosions, but then has Momento Mori for faster reloads and bonus damage to deal with majors? Especially when explosions are normally only hitting red bar trash? Why not just make Sun Blast happen on Precision Hits against targets with Sunburn on them? Making it into an explosion machine instead of Ace's twerpy little brother? [b]Cerberus +1: [/b]Umm... Tighter spread won't really do much, because the gun has garbage range and thus damage falloff as it is. It needs more range in addition to a tighter spread. OR it needs to embrace it's pseudo-Shotgun status with simply better damage when you get close enough to land its rounds. Something like a Catalyst that gives it Explosive Payload or something would be meme enough for the meme gun. [b]Crimson:[/b] It already has bunches of range from its Catalyst. What it doesn't have, is damage. It simply needs slightly more damage per shot and it would be usable. [b]Whisper of the Worm:[/b] Infinite ammo is literally why the gun got nerfed in the first place. Just make White Nail be Triple Tap but with bonus precision damage for the refilled shots. Not infinite ammo, but still extra ammo and more damage (Though, not that this gun is really underused, I see plenty of people using it in PvE... D.A.R.C.I. on the otherhand...) [b]Worldline Zero:[/b] Is fine. It just needs Swords to not suck in the game (Too many encounters in PvE that punish/prevent CQC, Swords don't OHK in PvP when the entire gamemode seems to revolve around OHK's) [b]Borealis:[/b] Uhh... But why? You've already broken the shield of your target? If there are other targets, 99.99% of the time they're the same element? Just give it faster reload or something. As far as some underused Exotics: Legend of Acrius could do with being updated to Y2 Tarrabah needs attention. Non-Anarchy GL's need a look (Prospector/The Colony) Vigilance Wing I've literally never seen anyone mention it, let alone use it... All Scout Rifles suffer from the Scout Rifle uselessness attribute (Though, this is easy enough to fix with blanket SR buffs to damage to make them actually relevant weapons now that Pulses, HC's and Bows exist with ridonkulous range to make SR's "Range" bonus irrelevant) Sleeper Stimulant and The Queenbreaker are both past their prime... Though, to be honest, a [b]LOT[/b] of it simply comes down to the fact that we're only able to use a [i][u]single[/u][/i] Exotic weapon at a time. Thus, any Exotic that isn't completely absurdly good is immediately rendered useless, because why would we waste our 1 Exotic slot on something mediocre when we have the option to spend it on something amazing? It's the same thing with a lot of Exotic Armour too.

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