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Stop With The Nerfs For PvE

So I saw the latest patch was nerfing Weavewalker and "fixing" Whriling Maelstrom. I can understand nerfs being put into the game, but we all know Bungie can make changes to PvE and PvP respectfully. Why are we getting nerfs like these in PvE as well? I have rarely seen buffs for weapons or abilities and instead seen nerfs in their place, yet enemies have been growing stronger more and more to the point where even with Woven Mail and 100 resiliance, I am dying in a few sec. while dealing basically no damage. It has got to the point where I can't even complete hard activities like Legend Nightfalls with friends or stuff like trying to get Catalysts for quest weapons like Vexcalibur or Dead Messanger or completing even 1 run of trying for Wicked Implement. And before anyone says use Divinity or something like that, I haven't been able to get a full group for raids since Forsaken, so I can't even get exotics like that. The fact alone that Divinity is the only way to get a reasonable time to kill on a boss like that is not even close to okay to me. The most fun I have had in this game is when I get to use a new subclass or super for existing ones, or the weapon glitch 2 weeks ago.



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