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9/27/2023 5:38:58 AM
I played Cyberpunk 2.0, Gran Turismo 7, Cuphead, Witcher 3, Red Dead 2 and more when the servers were down. I play them even when the servers are up shockingly enough because anyone who plays this game, and this game only, is missing out on some great gaming experiences. I just did the " weekly story" on my three characters and then some pinnacles which all dropped in the same 1810 slot on my character. One of only three 1810 equipped slots on my characters. I'll be back on next week for the end of the "story" and then straight back to playing games that don't have a progression system designed to work against you. Every week it's the same .. predictable "story" morsel then it's "go do exactly the same stuff you did last week". Yawn. Destiny is just not worth all of my time anymore.



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