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9/21/2023 9:43:44 PM

Can yall please, for one season

To everyone who finds glitches like the crafted weapons glitch. Can yall please for one season just chill. I get it "oh blam bungie for their bad coding Yada Yada yada" YALL DONT HAVE TO BREAK THE GAME EVERY 5 F***ING SECONDS!! the past 3 seasons have been "we're disabling xyz because people have found a way to exploit it or glitch it" or "servers will be shut down for a server wide update for 3-8hrs". I just want to be able to enjoy something with out people trying to ruin it. Like yeah most exploits and glitches are fun but at the same time I'm getting tired of bungie disabling half the game because yall keep finding glitches that break the game.



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