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Severe random fps drops

Hello, ive been having random, severe lag spikes while playing Destiny 2 and is becoming nigh unplayable in some places. - The issue first started happening the day after the seraph shield exotic mission dropped where, at random, my fps will go from my usual 80-90, plummet down to 2-3 fps for about 2-7 seconds, then shoot back up to the usual 80-90. - I've noticed this low fps spike occurs when one of these things happen: * a lot of active enemies are on screen, * when a big particle effect happens, * playing back video on something like YouTube or having your OBS preview open (or recording with it while the window is minimized). [i]do note that before seraph shield came out I had no issues doing any of these aforementioned things while playing Destiny 2.[/i] - The most recent example I have of this fps spike happening is in the Gahlran encounter of Duality were about 10% of the time i left one of the side rooms while in the nightmare (killing shades or getting a banner) the fps would do as described and go from 80-90fps, down to 2-3fps for about 2-7 seconds, then back to normal. (has also happened in the non-nightmare version of the room) This is a link to what i am talking about: ([url=]Video[/url]) - Other notable places I have had this occur being the throne world (during the deliver the bomb public event), during totems in KF (right side), and the Caitl boss fight in Duality (non-nightmare realm), plus a couple other locations. - I have already done the basic troubleshooting steps of closing programs, (helps, since the case of video playback doesnt come up, but I like having them open sooo) verifying integrity of game files, stable internet connection, etc. - anyways, apologies for the essay, just trying to provide as much info on the issue observed as i can and hope for a fix. ill leave the critical specs of my machine below: Computer: Lenovo Legion 5i (laptop) CPU: Ryzen 4600H (no OC) GPU: GTX 1660ti (mobile) (no OC) Memory: 16gb RAM Integrated Display: 1920x1080 120hz (main game display) External Display (HDMI): 1920x1080 60hz OS: Windows 10 Home 22H2 Build 19045.2486 *one last thing: Destiny 2 is the only game i have observed these fps issues on, so unlikely a system issue.
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