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"Often imitated but never duplicated"

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    NOTICE: FOR D2 THIS IS OUR CLAN AS BUNGIE CHANGED HOW GROUPS WORK. JOIN THAT ONE IF YOU WANT TAG IN GAME. This is the 100% official girls of destiny group page part of the twisted roses network all those other ones are fakes or others trying to imitate us. This is a place where we can talk and play together without guys bothering us every second :p This is a open group where no one will say things about who you are. We welcome straight,bi,les and trans. ^!^ So Join our Family thnx!Seriously no guys allowed. ** this is all games group or a meetup spot so we just don't stick to destiny only and appeal to every genre and play different games like gta,bf, cod,ect Note: Also don't forget to set your psn/live to the group. Official ps4 community:ask for it Follow us @ Poke us @ Website: Social Club Crew: Thanks!

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Vday Raid Fest for all consoles!

[b]Roses are Red, and Violets are Blue I want to kill that stupid Crota, how about you??[/b] It's been a rough few days & I don't have anyone to hug all my problems away. So instead I'm opting for an all day Raid Fest!! Starting at 1 (Central time) I propose that all consoles go for an all out Raid day as well! Start at the Venus on Normal and end the day on Crota Hard. Collect your Vday gifts of engrams, glimmer, bounties, weapons, and gear. Switch between characters, jump between groups, and feel free to match up other clans (guys can come too...but they owe you a bouquet of cover fire). Most of all enjoy, the day of Raids! Be sure to state what console you play on & [url=]sign up for the event[/url]! [i]Reminder: Be sure to take breaks in between each raid session! Depending on the group the Raids could take 1-2 hours (or more). Make sure your breaks allow you to stay hydrated & fed![/i]

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