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Legionaries of Death

"We lurk where the travelers light cannot reach"

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    We all need to look into the dark side of our nature.. that is where the passion is..the energy.. It is part of who we not fear it ..embrace it become whole.... we are destined to become one with the darkness.. We are an elite guild of warriors of the darkness. We do not oppose the traveler, but we do not fight for it. We are where you least expect us, heralds of death. Melee is always a key element with us, we are opportunistic and will be the last to strike. Join us if you are the above, a merciless killer who uses the darkness to his advantage. We are the Legions of Death. We are one with the dark. 1st in command/Xbox One leader: Sir Shmeh (Xbox One) Admins: Ethan Miner Gamerguy260 Community Director: Evil Ghost 555 Ps4 Leader: LethalKillerT (Refer to him or me if you want to schedule a ps4 event) Ps3 Leader: blackthunder9000 (Refer to him or me if you want to schedule a ps3 event) Xbox 360 Leader ([i]could be you[/i])

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