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You Want Custom Titles?

NOTE: You don't have complete control over this. I just edit the script to your liking. First download Scriptish for either [url=]Firefox[/url] or [url=]Chrome[/url] [url=]Then download the script here[/url] Until Bungie implements the title feature I thought it would be awesome to make a script that gives as many people as possible a custom title. So I made a script, with some help from [url=]zoid's[/url] DarkBnext's script, that lets people have titles again. This includes both color and text. So I'll be taking requests from now until Bungie decides to release the titles. Use this [url=]color wheel[/url] to pick what color title you want. Copy the 6 letter hex code that's next to the hashtag symbol. Comment below with that code and what title you want. Try to keep it short Also if you want your old title back I can do that. Here is a list of old hex codes[quote]Member TB - 27282C Heroic Member TB - 323A3D Legendary Member TB - 4C4C4C Mythic Member TB - 103349[/quote] Since I'll be constantly adding to the script with more users be sure to update the script by following these directions [quote]Firefox: 1. [url=]Click this link[/url] 2. Click Update with Stylish[/quote] [quote]Chrome: 1. Click the Stylish icon on the top right 2. Click manage installed styles 3. Click the "check for update" button for Bnext Titles[/quote]

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