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1/13/2015 5:20:25 PM

Yo, Gimme One Crota Pounder with Extra Cheese

Awesome. A month to remove the cheese, and a day to melt it back on. I noticed the heavy ammo glitch is still around, Vault space is still limited, VoG is still bugged in so many ways...... Well, i guess our Destiny is to just find favorable glitches and bugs while avoiding annoying glitches and bugs. Imagine if Bungie spent a month fixing mistakes that have a negative effect on us? I mean, if you didn't want to cheese crota you didn't have to. Crota could be fought legit or he could be cheesed. No one was forced to cheese him. We are forced to delete weapons because of limited Vault space. We are forced to not have a full inventory if we want to use ammo synthesis. We are forced to lose a few rockets on death.

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