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1/2/2015 5:29:05 PM

Ghorn buff needed

As much as everyone thinks Ghorn is some godly perfect weapon they are faaaaar from wrong and I'm hoping bungie looks at this and realizes that improvements are needed. The first big issue that Ghorn has is the time between shots when I'm just waiting for the next to fire. I propose that durring this time it should fire a straight laser that does 20k damage every tick with a tick every 1/4th of a second. While this would help I seriously think it's not enough. The second and I think most important issue I've noticed is that reloading leaves you waaaaaaay too vulnerable. I think it would be helpful if as soon as you reload a blast is released from the weapon. It sound like a mighty horn and the effect would cause all enemies in the playable area to take 75k damage. Only after these changes are made will it even be usable. Please deej or an employee at bungie hear my ideas and make them a reality. This is a serious problem with a broken weapon. Personally I would want the damage to be higher for all of these added abilities but I'm trying to keep things conservative. Please fix this ASAP thank you.

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