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11/25/2014 4:46:21 PM


Bungie!! Cutscenes please. I love every aspect of this game except this one! All the bugs and balance issues and all are typical issues with games, you can't avoid those and so keep up the good work with the updates : ) You guys are making the game better and better day by day. But meaning cutscenes are kinda scarce and I stress meaningful. I know a lot of people are complaining about the lack of ability to skip cutscenes which I completely agree with! The ability to skip cutscenes would be really beneficial and also allow you guys to put in more meaningful cutscenes. Theres like one cutscene in the entire game thats actually meaningful.... the first one on venus when you talk to the stranger. MORE OF THOSE PLEASE! ok maybe even the first one on the reef, two good ones, but this doesn't even match anywhere near the cinematics of like halo 2 which had such a rich story! If you guys add more of those, I'm sure players will on the edge of their seats wanting to know more. That stranger cutscene just got me wondering: who is she talking to? What other enemies are there? Is she a friend? Can we help her path? What happens after the black garden? Even that...we killed the heart... ok great. What happened? The reef one as well: who are these people? why does she control the fallen? What is the darkness? ( I remember somewhere in the game about the hive watching civilizations consumed by the darkness or something? Does that mean theres something else out there? what????) There so much open ended in this story it hurts >< Please try to fix that! And I know of the grimoire cards. I read them, they're cool, but seeing them in cutscenes, explained by characters would be a lot more interesting, exciting and connect me and other players to the story and game a lot better than reading info cards and crying over the fact we'll never see the implications of these cool facts in the game! You guys are integrating the story into the strikes for the dark below which is GREAT! I think thats a good way to cap off a story lead since strikes are do-able with little practice. Raids yes are really tough and shouldn't be part of the main story. But the strikes I think was a great idea : ). You guys have put a decent amount of content into the dark below and I think some cutscenes would really make the experience of the dark below really worth while and complete. Thanks Bungie, you guys are the best : )

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