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Editado por RAIN Angels: 5/5/2013 2:33:12 AM

Extensive Minimap w/ player markers

Not knowing exactly how extensive the radar or map system will be, has caused me to ask this question. Just how advanced will the two (or one) be? I'd like to have a radar or warning system of some sort so I don't get impaled in the back when exploring. I'd also like an advanced map to set my own objective markers, navigate where I am in the wild, and see any markers my friends/teammates set. I'd also like to see distress beacons that indicate where someone needs help. This is assuming I get to play with lots of people which I hope to do (no, not an MMOFPS, just a really populated coop game w/ most of my friends) For more threads like this, evidence that backs my opinions, or posts by the 117th Regiment, go to [url][/url]

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