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11/14/2013 6:00:01 AM

I wrote a screenplay, let me know what you think.

A screenplay I'm writing. I worked really really hard on it, let me know what you think. [quote] Richard Morris: Breaking news! This is Richard morris with Faux 7 news! We have multiple reports that there was an explosion at the Canadian embassy in yemen! Colonel nayooppi: Boys this means war, kill all the people who did this jeremy louis: Yes sir colonel naypoopi! We will kill all the people who did this so we will have revenge for the people who died. We will make them pay for our lunch. Colonel: good that's what I like to hear now go go go Jeremy: k (switch to scene of jeremy and spotter on sniper perch) Spotter: we got the bad guy who did this to us in sights JEremy: k Spottter: Take the body shot JEremy: no I want the pink mist Spotter: what's that? (INSERT PINK MIST DEFINITION HERE) Jeremy: It's complicated. Spotter: k take teh shot Jeremy shoots and hits the guy. They go down and inspect the body Jeremy: omg what have I done?! Spotter: What's wrong jeremy? JEremy: IT'S MY DAD!!!!!! Spotter: NOOOO! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!! (roll credits.)[/quote]

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