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11/10/2013 10:38:47 PM

I hate Python IDLE. Are there any solutions?

Just a quick question to any programmers in the audience, but I'm a Senior Computer Science Student and I find myself faced with the prospect of doing several Python projects in the near future. For the most part I like Python, it's pretty easy to code with and test and it has some nice Libraries like Pygame and such, but I absolutely can't stand the lack of organizational features built into the editor. I'm used to programs like Visual Studio where you can collapse methods and classes which makes it very easy to move around inside of the code, with Python, eventually the file gets freaking large and I have to do a ton of work to find a specific section with a specific piece of code. Drives me crazy. Is there perhaps an alternative Development Environment that I could use with Python, or is my only option to split everything up into 20 different files? I'm just not sure what's out there, and I'd figure I ask Bnet.

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