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Hablemos de Destiny.
9/6/2013 7:11:05 AM

Weapon recommendations

What weapon do you want in destiny? Describe it in great detail. Show us a picture of it if you have one. It can be player made. My weapon would be called a fistfull of arrows. A chrome sniper rifle with light blue holographic netting, holographic bayonet and a floating holographic scope. It would shoot a harpoon/arrow at an incredible speed. The barrel would be riddled with scratches. The handle is a modified sword hilt with a pearl grip. To load the weapon you would have to adjust knobs and switches on the side and put a massive magazine in. When you unholster the rifle the barrel will detract. Lights will power up and it will make a stuttering robot sound. Sorry if you couldnt understand my post. I'm sleepy. Anyway what is you dream weapon that you want in destiny?

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