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1/11/2013 1:55:41 AM

Forums need to come back

I understand what you're trying to do bungie, the tags are interesting but i find myself becoming more frustrated by the lack of organization. Dont get me wrong, the tag system works perfectly, i click on a tag and there's the post that pertain to the tag. Maybe instead have the tags work as a filter for the forum itself. Like if we were on the flood and there's certain topics we want to find but dont feel like using the search bar or scrolling through pages. Just enter the tag and whichever post has that tag shows up. Say a COD tag. type in COD and then every post that has a COD tag will show up. I think this will be easier to find than having every single post under one forum (if you can call it that) I'm not saying bring all the forums back but the ones that were more popular like the flood and bungie community.

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