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Editado por Skully: 5/22/2024 2:25:19 AM


Honestly, the biggest problem with this mode is getting stuck with the most USELESS, IDIOTIC teammates of all time. It’s a f*cking defence activity. What do players not understand about KEEP. ENEMIES. AWAY. FROM. THE. GODD*MN. EDU. A player can only do so much by themselves. What the hell are they supposed to do when the two they’re stuck with are just twiddling their d*cks? EDIT: It’s also just a terrible mode in general. Like, I’d literally rather play 100 rounds of Gambit AND Guild Dredgen again over playing Onslaught. Nothing quite like needing one more boss, but the game just won’t give you it, or getting to the last couple of rounds, just for your teammates to do something completely and utterly stupid that gets them killed, leaving you to get completely overwhelmed by Ogres that can one shot you even when you’ve got 100 Resilience and 2 Melee Damage Resistance, which is TOTALLY BALANCED, by the way.

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