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4/17/2024 9:04:14 PM

Tips for Casuals and Noobs for Onslaught

1. Use your heavy and special. Too many player hold on to it rather than use it deal with mobs of ads or mini bosses. 2. Use your supers and abilities. Too many players save them rather than use them. Trust me you'll get it back fast with all the ads. 3. Ignore tripmines, focus on buying/upgrading decoys and turrets. They are much more useful in the long run and don't need to be repurchased every round. Also tripmines tend to be buggy. 4. It only takes 1 person to complete bonus objects. 5. Play smart. Too many people play like bots and do things like casually walking into the enemy spawn during exploder unit rounds or run double primaries because of champions. Remember abilities such as jolt , freeze, suspend, ignite, slow, and suppress can all stun champions.

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