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4/16/2024 10:59:09 AM

Trials data from sub average player

Trials This weekend. Short wall of text. On search for a god roll Summoner which I consider a very nice AR both for PvE and PvP, the solar equivalent to my god roll Gnawing Hungers. Opposite to what I commented earlier this last weekend I spent some time in Trials trying. (Below) average player here, Silver/Gold in comp, no way to get flawless in Trials in solo/without being carried. Had some decent games this weekend w/ positive kda ending but brutal defeats as well. I started the pass of attrition (endurance) thinking about getting at least one adept Summoner but gave up this route after game 6 when I changed to a mercy pass instead. Let’s analyse. All games in solo queue, sometimes matched with duo/solo teams but majority 6 solo players. L = Loss, W = Win. Saturday – 2 games – 2 losses – LL Sunday – 17 games – 7 wins/10 losses – LLWLLLWLLWWLWLLWW Monday – 15 games – 7 wins/8 losses – WWLLWLWLLLLWWWL In total 14 wins/20 losses. After game 6 when I acquired a loss after first win (resulting in 0 wins on card) I changed to mercy. Had I stayed on attrition I would have achieved 7 wins on the attrition (endurance) card on my second last game yesterday. However w/o further playing had not acquired additional loot. Theoretical result had been the loot on win 3/5/7 including one adept Summoner plus 1 trials engram. The route I chose provided me the 3/5/7 wins loot w/o adept plus loot/engrams (9 in total if I’m not wrong) of the 6 wins acquired after mercy card had reached 7 wins. I consider the chance of getting a “god roll” adept Summoner from one single drop as relatively low. In comparison the mercy route dropped me 4 additional normal Summoner rolls plus 9 additional engrams which I can focus. I believe (for me) the mercy card is/was the more efficient way to go. Meanwhile I sit at 20 engrams. Hence why I am looking for a carry in hopefully one of the upcoming Trials weekends provided we get another one w/ Summoner as adept. Provided I made it to the Lighthouse with external help that translated into 20+ (additional weekends coming) instances rolling the dice for a decent Summoner adept roll. Or else at least 20+ chances getting a god roll standard Summoner. Take care!

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