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4/17/2024 4:46:12 PM


This has been a major ongoing issue for the past two seasons, and something simply needs to be done about it! This is homestly very frustrating. Please fix this weapons downsight aim issue, which will cause the weapon to "freeze" on screen, forcing the player to have to reload it when the mag is not empty, and at times, also cancels it's LN2 burst potential from being activated. When continuously using the weapon in auto fire mode, I have noticed that the more you use the weapon in gameplay, the more the weapon glitches and "freezes on screen", thereby stoping itself from being firing in secession. The weapon simply stops from firing and "shakes itself" quickly back and forth on screen as if it's been disabled entirely. The only way to get out of this state is to reload the magazine. Please, everyone, load into something like Onslaught and use it when spawn-in rates are dense and frequent to see it for yourself, as the glitch itself is relatively difficult to put into words. This weapon is favored amongst players that enjoy strong stasis builds, and it's simply not fair for it to be in a virtually unusable and unreliable state when stasis has been prioritized as a subclass this season. I would appreciate community feedback on this specific yet major issue. Thank you.

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