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4/16/2024 6:05:52 PM

Kaldaran Empire[All Platforms][PvE][PvP][18+]

Ever wished you didn't have to find a new group of friends/clan mates every time you take interest in another game? Sick of little kids and immature people ruining your experience? Are you an adult tired of getting kicked out of clans because you have a sense of responsibility outside of games? The Kaldaran Empire is a long-standing community dating back to 2010. We employ a military-inspired rank structure that rewards based on meritocracy. What We Offer ✪ Life Comes First: Our first and one of our biggest rules in Kaldara. ✪ Structure: A Basic Military inspired Ranking system. Designed with the mind of organization and a sense of accomplishment. ✪ Camaraderie: It is our goal, to make this the last gaming community you will ever need. With a sense of Family and Brotherhood, we encourage social activity, friendly ribbing and locker room humor. ✪ Events: Kaldara hosts events for all skill levels. From PvP tournaments to raid races, we have it all! ✪ Raid Instructors: We have a dedicated group of players willing to help anyone learn a raid. ✪ International Player Base: We have players from all over the globe. This way, no matter the time zones you hail from, there is always somebody online. ✪ Peak Time System: We prefer to place people into a clan based on what times they play. Requirements ✪ 18+: This is non-negotiable. We are an Adult Community for a reason. ✪ Discord: This is a must to be in Kaldara. Even one post a month is enough though we do encourage more. We do monthly purges and that one post keeps you safe. Zero discord activity for 1 month may result in a kick for inactivity. Join here - ✪ English Language: A basic understanding is a requirement, just enough to communicate in voice and text channels. ✪ Socializing: We are a very social community. Kaldara is not for players who want to do solo player things. Disclaimer: The Kaldaran Empire is not a carry service of any kind. We may make an exception if you have a friend who is a member of Kaldara. We are also not a LFG service. We are an inclusive Community that uses an internal LFG for our members Summary If a mix of good people, good games, available training, and hosted events interest you, then come join us!

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