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Editado por Athasair: 4/7/2024 12:02:04 PM

Keep Original LFG On Bungie.Net, Beta LFG In-Game

Was so relieved to find the original Fireteam Finder in a link under the Beta mess on Remove the Beta from and keep it in-game only. Cannot recruit people specifically enough for every activity like Lost Sectors. They need each other's strong points: 1. Add a Sherpa Mode. Looking to Help, not just FOR Help. 2. Enable optional free, player-written description on both sides. Sorry, console players. 3. Widen the spectrum of activities to include Lost Sectors, Campaign and other challenges. Will add more when done. 4. Enable filtration by equipped gear and gear level requests. 5. Enable filtration by dungeon and raid experience. Elitists, sit down. This also means that experienced players can be knocked off the list during teaching/learning runs. 6. Enable filtration of the above to a set limit of people. e.g. Teaching Run: 6-man team needs 2 Teachers and 4 Learners. Fast Run Experienced Team needs a full squad of x clears in target activity with x score minimum. 7. Enable filtration by Crucible rank. Per target activity if possible. 8. STRICT PC/Console division, please. I met some really nice people but the console Players complain justifiably in Crucible that they cannot turn fast enough, and the PC players complain, justifiably PvE, that Console players have infinite aim assist. 9. For all those egalitarians out there, create a Wildcard mode where all barriers are off.

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