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Editado por Timothy_Mark: 4/3/2024 11:29:07 PM

I got an incredible ingenious new crucuble game mode, war titans!

shaxx got inspired from fanart of the last city and announces an ingenious idea!, you have 10 guardians up against 1 HUGE 10-12ft female exo or hive wizard or eliksni who's very overweight and looks extremely gravid! - the first phase is 10 guardians must be in a hide in seek playstyle to avoid the giantess to search for supplies to energize up their abilities and find special ammo, then leads to the next phase of a epic boss battle in a close arena where heavy ammo comes in by air drops, and must be a bit mobile to avoid the big giantess, if not in either hide in seek or critical health at battle phase you'll get grabbed and immediately vored! - and the more of your team gets eaten the bigger the giantess gets and heals back, but a movement 5% penalty per eaten member, and you can choose 3 different types, the exo exo having the highest durability with 10% higher health, the hive wizard having the ability to fly for a bit, and the eliksni who can slowly climb up a wall to grab a delicious target, so choose for your liking or playstyle! - what do you think of this fascinating game mode concept?

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