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3/8/2024 8:20:19 AM

Prime Gaming Drops End? I can't search destiny in Prime Gaming Site.

I checked prime gaming every months, and Yesterday I did too. I found I can't search 'destiny 2' key-words and I can't see specific update date like "End Soon..." ANYWHERE (End Soon : This ment can see destiny 2 page in Prime Gaming Site When Drops date is almost finished) I got Feb Drops item in 2 Feb, and I think Prime Gaming Item will update soon (maybe this week or next week). But When I can't find "destiny / destiny 2" key-words, I feel some anxiety (destiny-prime gaming link is end), and I wonder (If I don't want another item in Prime Gaming without d2) that is it ok I disconnect and don't make payment. I check there isn't any notice about prime gaming at TWID and I want to know anything about Prime Gaming - Destiny 2 Status. English is not my first language, but I wait your help. Thx.

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