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Editado por Obi-Juan: 2/28/2024 9:01:18 PM

Dungeon / Raid Weekly Rotators

Bungie, how many dungeons and raids need to be in the game until you finally just let people have access to farming them all at once? It's getting a little ridiculous now having to wait 7/8 weeks. Imagine telling a new player "even though dungeons have been in the game for months you have to wait 7 weeks to farm it". They're just gonna soon enough play a different game. It's time to make all dungeons and raids farmable 24/7. There are enough of each now to justify it. Edit: xbroggiex just brought up a very good point. There are ways Bungie can incentivize more activity in the lesser played dungeons and raids. Like how ritual activities give double rep boost, there are things they can add to the featured raid n dungeons to incentivize play whilst still allowing the farming of all others just without the extra incentive.

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