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2/28/2024 3:41:35 PM

Cant enter log in screen

I have updated my PC, checked driver updates for my 4090 NIVIDIA, uninstalled and reinstalled battleye, uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice from steam and all files on the PC. Checked firewalls, cleared download caches, rebooted networks. Nothing is helping. Started with error that Batte eye could not update or update failed 1,6, then states that the game is launching a moment later. After reinstalling all files that error stopped, but result is the same. I was able to load Helldivers 2 and play it just fine from steam library. Same with Lethal Company. So it's isolated to D2. Please help, I stream, and am just starting to hit my stride with views and subs and this is a huge hit to me. What else can I do?

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