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2/11/2024 3:05:43 PM

Checkmate in trials is dumb

Dear bungie, Checkmate rules in trials is stupid. My team made it all the way to the last round and didn't get half of our super. Could you maybe do some simple math and realize that there not enough kills in a match or to supply you with full super energy? I mean, what the heck bungie? I kinda like to use it in prestige activities. Makes me feel good to clutch a match on the hill with my super. This will just decrease the number of players, which is the opposite of what you want right now. Maybe disable checkmate rules so we can all have fun. It's been a long week dude. Why not do the opposite? Why not mayhem trials? That'd be a fun weekend. We would be able to farm so much loot, because of the matches being so quick. It'd make for an interesting weekend. You could put it on a four week rotation like iron banner. Then, newer players can farm trials loot too, or people like me who work a lot. Just saying, it'd be more fun.

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