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2/10/2024 10:22:02 AM

Freelance PvP

We should get freelance back. I have queued for trials and competitive in every way you can. 3 stacking, duo, but this weekend I've been playing trials solo and I have to say that because of duos, playing solo feels like the most unrewarding and most frustrating way to play trials. More often than not, people who play trials in a group will play with others of a similar skill. As a solo player, this results in majority of your matches with two duos, one of which will be a higher skill than the other and you just have to pray to the traveler that you don't get the two new lights who are stepping into trials for the very first time as opposed to the two peacekeeper void titans with a suspicious recent increase in their trials k/d. When the matchmaker finds those two duos and puts them in the same lobby, the outcome is already predisposed. If you have the worse duo on your team, you are spoon-fed a loss unless you try your -blam!- off and manage to 1v3. If all 4 of those players (two high skill and two low skill) were to be put into a freelance lobby, there is a good chance that both high skill players will not both be on the same team against both low skill players. In duo queue lobbies this chance is zero. Obviously when 3 stacking the teams are always static but you know who you are matching with, and know what to expect. As a solo queue player getting duos in the lobby, it feels like you have no control over the match outcome as opposed to when there are 6 solos, where skill level of the players on each team is more diverse. Not sure why we never get freelance trials weekends anymore like we used to, because the experience as a solo was significantly better during those weekends than it is now. This matters much more for trials than it does in competitive, since in the comp playlist you can reasonably expect both duos to be of a similar skill.

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