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1/18/2024 6:17:18 AM

Weapon crafting changes

Lately many have been critizising how the weapon crafting system works. Basically it all comes down to disliking how everyone only chases the red border weapons on craftable weapons and it doesn't matter if you get a god roll. Some have even said that crafting should be removed. While I do agree with the "only chasing the red borders" things, I don't necessarily want to remove crafting since it allows for easier perk changes for different builds. So how about we change the crafting system a little? My idea is to allow any legendary weapon to be enhanced. You got the roll you wanted but you can't yet craft the weapon? Instead of dismantling it right away, you could take it to the crafting station to enhance its perks right away. Now you don't have to rush to get the red borders only. They are the last resort to unlock your weapon roll. This would apply to all legendary weapons (except adepts maybe), world loot and playlist weapons could also be enhanced, though it would demand that you "lock" spesific perks, essentially removing other perks from the weapon. For weapons with multiple perks in a column this would create an interesting dilemma, do you want more flexibility or enhanced functions on this spesific thing? I feel like this would reintroduce some excitement for weapons that are craftable and allow some niche legendaries from dungeons and playlists to secure some usage without removing the crafting system. Thanks for reading!

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