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1/15/2024 12:54:40 PM

Make enchanced perks worth it

Dear Bungie, Crafting weapons was a great idea. But unfortunately, the enhanced perks were not. They cost an arm and a leg to get and yet they are not worth it. Some do offer good advantages but others... maybe for the HC PvP doop who gets their kicks for "i JuSt dRopPeD mY TtK fROm 1,2s tO 1,13s, OmGDzzZz" sees the benefits better but for us normal(ish) ppl... I mean, for some examples: [i]Auto Loading Holster - Activation time is reduced by 0.2 seconds. [/i]Really guys, really? Take out a stopwatch and see how long 0.2s really is. [i]Compulsive loader - Reload Speed bonus is increased by 5.[/i] Wow, a whole five. From 55 to 60. Massive. [i]Demolitionist - Grenade Ability Energy gains are increased by 10%. (e.g. 10%🠚11%)[/i]. Ok, this is insulting. [i]Frenzy - Allowed time between damage exchanges USED TO BE extended by 0.5 seconds. Currently provides no benefit.[/i] Disregarding the "no benefit" fact, but 0,5s extra time. Half a second. These are just some examples. Everyone can look those through at Grinding for the materials is really not worth it. You do just fine with regular perks. So please either reduce the cost [b]dramatically[/b] for the enhanced perks, make the materials much easier to get or juice up the perk benefits when compared to the regular versions. Please.

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