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Editado por Chubby Belly: 12/21/2023 12:19:27 AM

My mom got totally screwed out of her Coil rewards. Here's what happened:

My mother has been into Destiny for years now even though she's not the best at the game, she loves it with all her heart. But she needs me to help her through tougher activities like the Coil. Today we loaded into a matchmade Coil and our teammate left almost immediately at the beginning. My mother and I two-manned the entire thing up until the VERY FINAL boss. Like the very very final one. As we were about to enter the final arena room, out of nowhere a random player matchmade into our game. He proceeded to wipe away all 15 of our remaining revives and then my mom died as well. The boss still had about 1/3 of its health left and it took me quite a bit of time to kill the thing on my own since both this rando and my mother could not be revived. In that time, my mother got kicked from the match for inactivity. Um??? Hello??? she was dead and COULD NOT be revived. Further more, I invited her to rejoin before I killed the final boss and when she rejoined, it put her back into a previous area with no access to us once I killed the boss. It didn't even "join allies" her to get her loot. She was quite literally locked out of receiving her platinum room chests after spending an hour of her life proceeding through the Coil. This system screwed her over and this needs to be fixed. 1. Players shouldn’t be matchmade that late into the run 2. Players shouldn’t be kicked for inactivity in this activity for this reason(or at least if they’re registered dead) 3. Players should be loaded into the proper checkpoint if rejoining. Those are the problems here

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