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Editado por Z-r0: 12/31/2023 10:20:58 AM

Ammo finders require way too many kills when not using primaries

With special ammo sidearms we now have two special weapon types meant for ad clear, but running double special is not feasible on non-ability focused builds (those builds don't need ad-clear weapons to begin with). Because of Juggler you'll never see special bricks drop when clearing ads, so you're forced to abandon the whole Armor Charge system and only use Special Finisher. Now you can make some ammo for specials, but what about heavy, can you reliably get it between damage phases? You really can't - natural ammo drops happen once in more than a minute, ammo phases are too random to rely on them, and Ammo Finders require around 80 final blows when not using a primary. That's 80 kills to get 1 LFR ammo. [b]Edit: Special sidearms acrually count as primaries for Finder Mods, so actually usable. Could we please get the same for Traces though?[/b]

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