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12/14/2023 5:05:13 PM

Wardens øf Nothing | OPEN TO ALL

[b]Welcome to Wardens øf Nothing![/b] If you want to run high-tier endgame content like raids or dungeons, Crucible, *Gambit*, seasonal activities, or are just looking for a group of easygoing people to run some casual content with (Destiny or otherwise), Wardens øf Nothing has what you're looking for! Whether you're a seasoned Guardian, New Light, or somewhere in between, Wardens øf Nothing is the place for you! [i]Eyes up, Guardian![/i] -------------------------------- [b][u]Interested? Just follow these five simple steps to join:[/u][/b] 1. Apply on our [url=]Bungie clan page[/url]. 2. Join our [url=]Discord Server[/url] and pick your roles. 3. Register with [url=]Charlemagne[/url] (if you aren't already). 4. Ping an Arbiter øf Nothing in our #clan-approval channel. 5. That's it! Welcome to Wardens øf Nothing!

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