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12/5/2023 5:05:05 PM

Wardens øf Nothing | OPEN TO ALL

[b]Welcome to Wardens øf Nothing![/b] New week, new season, new friends. Have you taken a break from Destiny and want to jump back in? Do you want to join a group of easy-going people who are just as passionate about (read: addicted to) Destiny as you are? Do you need a fireteam to actually clear The Coil? Do you want to run Warlord's Ruin until your eyes bleed? If the answer to any of these questions is "YES", then Wardens øf Nothing is the place for you! Whether you want to run high-tier endgame content like raids or dungeons, Crucible, *Gambit*, [i]NEW[/i] (or old) seasonal activities, or are just looking for a group of easygoing people to run some casual content with (Destiny or otherwise), Wardens øf Nothing has what you're looking for and more! Whether you're a seasoned Guardian, New Light, or somewhere in between, Wardens øf Nothing is the place for you! [i]Eyes up, Guardian![/i] -------------------------------- [b][u]Interested? Just follow these five simple steps to join:[/u][/b] 1. Apply on our [url=]Bungie clan page[/url]. 2. Join our [url=]Discord Server[/url] and pick your roles. 3. Register with [url=]Charlemagne[/url] (if you aren't already). 4. Ping an Arbiter øf Nothing in our #clan-approval channel. 5. That's it! Welcome to Wardens øf Nothing!

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