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11/29/2023 5:16:28 AM

I Wish There Was More Loot to Hunt For

See what I did there? As others have said, this is basically just drip-feeding content to players. There needs to be much more loot and more avenues for loot. More loot = more player retention. It doesn't even have to be super-godly loot either. I'd literally farm for mediocre weapons just to try them out and see what one of the best rolls of it is like. Now I know that FOMO is a pretty annoying thing for everyone, but I also understand that loot pools start to feel really bloated and annoying to grind through when they get too big. But loot pools also mainly feel that way while the great majority of the loot in them is OLD LOOT we've already gotten seasons ago. Personally, in MY OPINION, I would be fine with lots of the old loot being REPLACED WITH THE SAME AMOUNT IN NEW LOOT (re-read that if you need to). I'm fine with that even if the old loot temporarily becomes unavailable. That's why we have Xur and changes can surely be made to him if necessary. But as for the current sizes of the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit loot pools... they have plenty of space for new weapons and armor. I get enough duplicates from their engrams in a row from those activities to know that it could've been something new if it was made. That would have my retention at least. Hopefully you have the solution ready with The Final Shape, because this season is going to have many more major issues bite back real early. I can already see it.

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