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Editado por Patient_094: 11/23/2023 1:01:33 AM

5 streak in a playlist activity should give double rewards.

Might just be posting into the void with this suggestion. Okay, only a 5 streak is probably too low. But I think if I commit to grinding an activity for a perfect roll on a weapon, or that last piece of an armor set, I should be able to earn double rewards on weeks when it's not featured. Especially with GM Nightfall weapon rotations. For instance, I don't need another Buzzard ever, and you're going to give us double drops on Buzzard week? And that's the only double loot week for Nightfalls all season? Even worse when pairing desirable weapons with the harder GMs and *not* giving us double drops. A 30 minute commitment on a good run is still not a lot of opportunities in the middle of a season with Trials that weekend or Iron Banner or raid farming or... Double engram rewards from playlists would also ease the burden of increased focusing costs. It's amazing how quickly a stack of only 99 engrams can be wasted as is. 5 for every roll at an IB weapon, 2 for a one in four chance of getting a Nightshade, 5 per piece of old armor just to fill out transmog lists?

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