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Editado por Muffincup: 11/6/2023 9:59:52 AM

About game flexibility/mementos...

Ok so you mentioned you betrayed player trust. Part of this comes down to how resources are handled. Let's focus on Mementos, since H.L.S. are the current activity until Tuesday. So we put time and effort into getting those mementos, no matter what, because the only way to get them is to grind the activity. That's the only pre-requisite. Do the activity. Earn it. Isn't it kind of foolish to limit players so drastically as to only be able to carry one? If we're working for it, what does it matter if we stock up for future weapons? Maybe we have specifics we'd like to be able to change with this, or think something else will be interesting later. Maybe we know something we'd like, but we don't have all the patterns yet, though we'd like to use this memento when we do get it. We can wait a year until Halloween again, yes. The holiday events aren't a problem, but the, I'll just say it, psychotic micromanagement of inventory has got to go, unless its critical to physical game function. Its a stupid, kind of small thing, but often its the small things that can make a difference. We're playing an MMO, the whole goal is loot. Why not give players a 5 or 10 count limit on mementos? I don't know why its such a sin to your studio that players can't save things for future use after we've earned it the proper way. That just feels like one of those slap in the face things that only exists because "reasons", but nothing really based on valid reasons. You want us to grind? Then you need to give us the inventory capacity too. That's part of the incentive of grinding, is to get a small stock. There's nothing wrong with it. We certainly don't need to stockpile like its the apocalypse, that's crazy too😂, but it would be nice to have flexibility in a game that wanted to focus on flexibility. Just a thought.

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