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10/23/2023 8:27:28 PM

Still haven't recieved any part of the 'Consulting The Archives' bundle.

I made a previous post about this 2 weeks ago on the 10th, so just consider this a near last minute follow-up. But, as the title states, nothing's changed. At this point, I've probably tried unlinking and relinking my accounts over 20 times with no success. I've gotten confirmation on every account on every related platform that this bundle was claimed and delivered on the 29th of September, but it's contents are still absent from both the kiosk and my collections. Apparently, I'm not alone in this, as I've seen multiple similar reports from other players (including 2 just today). I've already read every Q&A and troubleshooting guide provided by Bungie and Amazon and nothing's helped, so I'm just left at a loss as to what to do. Not to mention this also happened with the Solstice bundle in July, which makes me worry there's something innately wrong with my Bungie or Amazon account that's just going to carry forward with every new drop. I'm just hoping someone can look into this and find if there's some strange disconnect between my account in-game and online.
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